This Guide Helps You Figure Out What Size You Are...and Shows How Inconsistent Sizing Really Is
Published at: June 13, 2017
One of the biggest pain points when shopping online is knowing what size to buy. That's why we made a Curvy Girl Sizing Guide to help answer that question! Today, we're going to do a walkthrough of how to read and use the guide with an example.
Sizing Tool Guide

Sally has the following body measurements and wants to see what size she should buy at Torrid.
  • Bust: 50”
  • Waist: 43”
  • Hips: 53”
  • First, she would input her body measurements in inches - bust, waist, and hips into the tool. Here’s the standard measuring guide, thanks to Ashley Stewart.
    Second, she would then select the brand Torrid from the options. The guide recommends Sally to buy a Torrid Size 2, or regular Size 20 and also displays a visualization.

    How To Read The Graph

    The curved lines represent the side of her body - imagining the top of the curve as her bust, middle of the curve her waist, and bottom of the curve her hips. The visualization helps her understand how an item will fit her bust, waist, and hip measurements (the green line) compared to Torrid's sizing chart (the blue lines).
    Sizing Tool Guide
    If we look closer at the graph, you’ll notice that her measurements (represented in green) is in between a Torrid Size 2 or 18 and a Torrid Size 2 or Size 20. But the line seems to come much closer to a Size 20 at the top, or the bust. This tells us that if Sally bought a Size 2 in Torrid, the item of clothing would fit tighter in her bust, but would fit comfortably at her waist and hips. Super useful to know!
    To see what size she is in other brands, we can just select the different brand options. Here are her some of her results. Notice how inconsistent her size is across different brands!
  • Lane Bryant: Size 24
  • Torrid: Size 20
  • Eloquii: Size 20
  • City Chic: L/20
  • Fashion to Figure: 3/3X
  • Catherines: 22/2X
  • Forever 21+: 22/3X
  • Ashley Stewart: 24/3X
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