#MyCurvesMyFashion: Featuring Movinthroughlife
Published at: June 1, 2017

This is the third piece in our #MyCurvesMyFashion Series in which we interview curvy girls about an outfit that took them outside of their comfort zone and made them feel confident and beautiful. We are so excited to interview Morgan, Life and style Blogger and recent graduate, about her outfit!
"I was told from a young age that if you were of bigger size it was pretty much necessary to keep yourself covered up. I went through high school and college being of a bigger size so I kept myself fully covered and safely within my comfort zone. It was only in the last couple of months that I have reached outside my comfort zone with what I wear and how I present myself.
This outfit, one where the top of the dress is one hundred percent see through, was the first time I felt gorgeous while showing skin. It was hard for me to feel confident in it, and even harder to make myself realize no one was staring at me weirdly for wearing it. When I focused more on myself instead of others around me, I started to realize that I actually loved the way I felt. The reason I got this dress was for a press release party I was invited for, I didn’t end up going but after I saw myself in it I knew I wanted to make a post about it. I have not had a chance to wear it out in public but I feel like that is okay! I am wearing this for myself and no one else, I feel confident and curvy and I love myself for that!"
Check out her CurvyCo closet here!
About Morgan -
I like to think of myself as a normal person, someone who has gone through the ups and downs in life while still making it through. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, spent some time in West Virginia, California and Southern Virginia before getting my 'big girl job' in Washington DC.
I love hiking, kayaking, shopping and just traveling around. I am hoping that by sharing my experiences, my life, I'll be able to remember everything just as it happened...and maybe connect with some other people around the world. I am more than a little excited to start this journey, and I hope that you are just as excited as I am about that.
Instagram: @movinthroughlife

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