#MyCurvesMyFashion: Featuring Mamafierce
Published at: June 5, 2017
This is the fourth piece in our #MyCurvesMyFashion Series in which we interview curvy girls about an outfit that took them outside of their comfort zone and made them feel confident and beautiful. We are so excited to interview Briana, one of the fiercest plus-size fashion bloggers we know.
Briana Hernandez

"Here's my outfit that took me out of my comfort zone (Pic taken in March 2017)! Wearing sheer was daring for me. I'm no stranger to showing a little skin but this ultra-edgy style was new territory. I'm now hooked. I felt like a badass."

About Briana -

Fashion wasn’t my first love. Yet even as a journalism graduate and aspiring music writer, I have always had a passion for self expression through clothing. But it wasn’t until starting a career in e-commerce marketing did I discover a huge tide turning in the plus size industry and started paying attention to trends. Adapting the increasingly available options to my personal style became an obsession and, amazingly, people took notice! I love empowering women to express themselves through fashion and embrace their bodies as they are today. Join me in my quest for the perfect outfits for every moment, from momming around to sassing about town.
Instagram: @mamafierce Blog: https://mamafierce.com/

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