#MyCurvesMyFashion: Featuring Chasi Jernigan
Published at: May 30, 2017
Chasi Jernigan

This is the second kickoff piece in our #MyCurvesMyFashion Series in which we interview curvy girls about an outfit that took them outside of their comfort zone and made them feel confident and beautiful. Today, we are excited to hear from Chasi Jernigan, one of the most inspiring plus-size fashion bloggers and fitness teachers we know!
"All my life I've had chubby legs. I'm talking all the way down to my ankles. When I was younger I was teased that my legs look like tree trunks so I hide them for quite sometime. This dress took me out of my comfort zone because it hits right above the knee. The days of me hiding my legs, shape, and weight are long over. I refuse to let what anyone thinks about my body trickle over into my own perception of my body. How they feel is their business, right!!
So I'm thankful for @eloquii for making plus size short dresses, because plus size women want leg action! I'm never hiding my legs again, I love my legs. This is the Studio Tiered Ruffle Dress from Eloquii in the Color Chili!! Show your legs Curvies!! ❤️❤️ "
We hope these stories inspire you as much as they have for us, and encourage you to share your story with us as well with #MyCurvesMyFashion. If you'd like to be featured, please send us an email at hello@curvyco.com or follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

About Chasi -

My name is Chasity, however I go by Chasi. I love fitness, fashion, and I’m a big visionary. I create things or in a nutshell i have really big dreams, if that makes sense. I'm a blog at sweatinmascara.com about plus size fashion and fitness. My blog is dedicated to break barriers in our society saying plus size women are unhealthy!!
Blog: sweatinmascara.com
Instagram: @chasijernigan

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