#MyCurvesMyFashion: Featuring Susan Curry
Published at: June 8, 2017
This is another piece in our #MyCurvesMyFashion Series in which we interview curvy girls about an outfit that took them outside of their comfort zone and made them feel confident and beautiful. We are so excited to interview Susan Curry, plus-size model, fashion blogger, and one of the most inspirational, fiercest bloggers we know.
Susan Curry

There are so many “Firsts” that I have had in my lifetime, it can be a bit difficult to narrow into one, but one that is the biggest of recent is being in a swimsuit on a runway for the first time. Looking at me now most would not guess that only a few years ago I had yet to bare to the world my arms or legs in a swimsuit as I often remain covered and swim with a T-shirt and shorts over a full one piece. I modeled and attended modeling classes at the age of 16 for a short time until my model bag was stolen. The bag bought with my parents hard earned savings gone, dreams crushed, and no one to believe in the world of modeling for a small country town Oklahoma girl I then began to work after school and help support the family.
I still loved fashion through those years while helping friends find cute clothes for their body types, letting friends shop my closet, and began using Instagram as a way to showcase my daily fashion looks. In the fall of 2015, I took the plunge and entered a runway casting call not knowing the runway show would take place in Houston, Texas, and my life was changed forever. 6 months later I was invited back to a swimwear fashion show. I had never been in front of people in a swimsuit and now I would be be on a runway in front of the world and bare it all. I had feelings of shock, denial, excitement, nervousness but I knew my fear had to be overcome if I was to have the ability to help others overcome the same fears. I’ll never forget the particular moment where a comfort garment was taken away. I had purchased a pair of nude fishnets that made my legs look amazing and when they ripped at the waist and begin to roll down during practice I was in despair and wondered if I could continue with the show. “NO”, I exclaimed as I realized my legs would also be completely bare showing all flaws. I then gave myself a small pep talk about my flaws and that we all have flaws, and if I can’t embrace them, how can anyone else. Let that cellulite out, let them see it all, because I am a Woman, a REAL woman! I held my head up high and ended up walking for 7 designers, yes my feet were killing me after and it was worth all of the fears that were faced and overcame.
Knowing we are all more alike than we are different helps me remain confident in loving myself through negative stigmas and stares. I know others feel the same but some may have yet to embrace themselves fully, for how can you embrace another if you can’t love yourself fully, flaws and all? Walking on a runway for the first time in a swimsuit was exhilarating and a complete test of my own self confidence. Now I want nothing but 2 piece swimsuits and more photo and video coverage in South Florida is planned for the end of June at the LS 1426 Curves Swim Week and collaborations and coverage with ARTTwear in South Florida and the Florida Keys.

About Susan -

Growing up as a country girl on dirt roads in a country town taught me how to work hard and gave me the grit necessary to survive. Through gardening, finding creative ways to have fun, helping on the farm with cattle, and loving the little things in life created just a few memories of youth that shaped my character today. At the age of 16, when my model bag was stolen after just beginning I stepped away from the model world and had no expectations of returning. I did sometimes wonder what life would be like as a model and continued to provide fashion advice to friends and anyone who would listen. Friends would often shop my closet and always find something to wear. After 15 years of customer service in business I then obtained a Bachelor and Masters degree in business administration and currently working on a Doctorate. Posting my outfit of the day looks on Instagram began as an outlet for creativity, a way to expand and sell from my closet, and a path to show others my love for fashion. I always had a feeling that someone needed to see what I had to share and thoughts I had of fashion and finding classy and edgy pieces that were always hard to find in size 20 and up. In the fall of 2015 I had an opportunity present itself and I nervously auditioned and walked in my first fashion show. I then began to expand Instagram into a fashion blog and currently working on a website beyond Wordpress. I am a brand ambassador for ARTTwear, Kurvy Kittens, and Love me Curved and even made Houston's top 12 pick for the finding Ashley Stewart contest. Recently had an opportunity in the Fabuplus Magazine for the Love Me Curved ad. While obtaining my business degrees I would focus on the areas of small business, social media, and fashion such as the history of tights and fashion merchandising. As a professional writer I currently offer writing services and social media management through my own Curry & Company small business. I feel there is a need for me to not only share more or my story, but also make these ideas happen that come to me. I keep a journal so I won't forget ideas that come in brief moments of realization! This is necessary for me to reflect and remember thoughts and ideas. I can only be me and by being me I hope to motivate and help others learn the power that confidence has and learn to harness that power to good. We need to give more than we take, love more than we learn, and create more than we complain!"
Instagram: @aliberatedwoman Blog: www.suggamonkey.wordpress.com

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